Yes, that's right, we're just days away now from J. Cole taking over the Taco Bell Arena and if there's one thing that I've learned over the last couple of weeks, it's that the city is ready for this show!

I've been following J. Cole on social media and his posts and videos from the tour look absolutely amazing. The show that he's about to pack into Taco Bell Arena is going to be such a memorable one, I would hate for you to miss it.

If you don't have tickets--there's your first problem. OBVIOUSLY, we're looking out for you and your next chances to win all happen with me this week after 7:00 p.m.!

Here's the scoop--make sure our 103.5 KISS FM app is on your phone with the alerts turned on- I'll be letting out app users know when to win, FIRST--yes, before I even mention this on the radio. The rest is simple: be the ninth caller.

Win your way in starting tomorrow--good luck!


Need to BUY some tickets? By the way--there's even a student discount! Click HERE.


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