The turnout was impressive Saturday afternoon on the Idaho State Capitol steps. Thousands gathered to voice their concern for families and children alike. The demonstration, organized after the outcry that children be reunited with their families at the southern border's detention centers has been planned for some time now.

Since the announcement of this rally, President Trump did sign an executive order designed to reunite those families however--demonstrators in Boise (and nationwide, Saturday afternoon) want the reunification done immediately.

While this was a protest stemming from politics, I was surprised that the organizers and speakers did a very fair job of calling ALL politicians, from both sides of the isle, to action. Speakers called out politicians by name, Democrat and Republican who they believe, aren't currently or have not in the past, done enough to keep our border patrol and protocol, moral.

Overall, the demonstration was peaceful and the Boise Police Department did an amazing job of making sure everyone there was safe.  Take some photos? Have some feedback? Comment and let us know what you saw, heard, and noticed!

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