It's been cold, sunny, snowy, warm and just about everything else in between when it comes to the weather in the Treasure Valley lately. We think that it is totally fair to say that the city is a little tired of it--and we're ready for a season to commit already!

While Boise is lucky enough to get all four seasons each year, the energy that is in the air each summer is unmatched. We're almost there.

Sure to add to the excitement of summer is yet ANOTHER major concert announcement!

Let's take a look at who we can expect to see in downtown Boise this July!

Hip Hop Legends Invade Downtown Boise

Tickets will sell fast to this concert featuring three hip hop music legends!

Are you planning on making it to this show?

Over the years, MC Magic, Baby Bash (who was even at Boise Music Festival in 2018), and Lil Rob have shown a ton of love to their fans in the Treasure Valley--we're excited to see they will be returning this summer.

To buy tickets, invite friends, RSVP and more, click HERE.

Here are some of the other big shows coming to the Treasure Valley this year!

Major Concerts Coming to the Boise Area in 2023

When it came to the sheer number of concerts, 2022 was a year that the Treasure Valley won't soon forget. But 2023? There are some BIG artists looking to make a splash in Idaho!

Are you planning on securing tickets to any of these shows? Don't forget, the Western Idaho Fair still has yet to announce their major artists, too! 

A Look Back at 22 Years of Western Idaho Fair Concerts

The Western Idaho Fair isn't just a destination for fair food and rides! They also have some sweet concerts year in and year out!

Flume Visits Boise Before Outdoor Concert

What does one of the world's best DJ's and producers do while in Boise? He visits Claire's, obviously--for his first piercing.

Halsey Concert Pictures

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