Nope. No. Absolutely NOT.

A recently compiled list is declaring the State of Idaho as the nation's most BORING state and I'm just not here for it. How about the nation's most underrated state? Or even more accurate, the nations best kept secret?

A friend of mine just moved here from Arizona and his girlfriend is totally baffled-- while she expected it to be all potato fields, she still can't believe how "nobody lives here"-- minimal traffic and a small town vibe. Yet, there's a charm about this place and I for one am glad that we aren't like a normal metropolis here in Boise or anywhere in our great state.

According to this list, Idaho is the most boring primarily because of the high percentage of married households and the high number of households with kids. While I enjoy being single and having NO children in my life right now-- I didn't know that married people were so "boring"? You can check out the entire list for yourself, HERE.

All of this said, here are MY three top reasons that Idaho simply isn't BORING.

  • 1

    We're Booming

    Not only is Boise the fastest growing city in America, Idaho is actually one of the fastest growing states. The secret is out, people! It's beautiful here-- a little city, a lot of nature, and some really kind people. There's a reason that so many locals are freaking out about the population boom.

  • 2

    Some Of The Best In The World...

    With several state parks, Idaho is some treasured land. A small portion of Yellowstone National Park comes into Idaho and several Nationally protected areas, like Craters of the Moon exist here too. By the way, people come to Idaho from ALL around the world just to float our whitewater rapids--some of the best in the world. There's nothing boring about hanging on for dear life on a Class V rapid, I'll guarantee you that.

  • 3

    It's Really Not That Lonely

    You'll notice in this list that ranks us "so boring" that it's a land of solitude and wide open spaces. Sure--if you decide to drive out into the middle of nowhere I guess it can be. Spend a few days in downtown Boise, experience the local beer scene, restaurant options, and weekend nightlife and you will find you're far from being alone whatsoever.

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