Another night at Live For 175 was a proven "sell-out" and this time, I was blown away. All week long, we've had great turnout's at night--last night was no different.

If you're not familiar with all that is Live For 175, these bicycles serve more of a purpose than just being the literal "cycle" we hope breaks the cycle of child abuse. Each rear wheel is connected to a device that runs to a giant glass box named "Ike".  Ike is what keeps our radio station on the airwaves. If Ike is down (has no battery power), the entire radio station goes off of the air.

I have to give my biggest compliments to all of the riders that have been out this year.  In nights past this week, most of the big busy nights have been thanks to teams or companies. Last night, we had a mix-match group of individuals that just wanted to come out, spread the message that it shouldn't hurt to be a child, and for that--y'all are the real MVP's!


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