Last Thursday at Varsity Pub was by far one of the most fun nights I've had in a long time and this week is only looking to be just as fun! Every Thursday, as you should know by now, is Ladies Night over at Varsity Pub in Meridian. You can catch me out there with DJ Zuz each week.

Last week was pretty crazy because a very familiar face was in the crowd: NFL and former Boise State superstar DeMarcus Lawrence.  He's much larger in real life and I was THAT guy and had to ask for a picture with him.

That said, you NEVER know who could be at Varsity Pub for tickets and two-fer's this week-- even DeMarcus Lawrence wanted to win some BMF tickets last week.

I'll have over 100 tickets to give away and of course, two-fers means some cheap drinks for you! Well drinks and draft beer is all 2 for 1, all night long!

So...Varsity tonight? It's on the corner of Eagle and Fairview-- we'll see you out there.

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