There's been a whole lot of "free country" talk lately. Most of it surrounding the controversial move to encourage mask usage. No matter your view on that...or anything, really--can we all agree that VOTING is a pretty amazing right that we have here in the United States?

Since I turned 18, I've taken the opportunity to vote on every possible position and issue possible--it's our duty, in my opinion.

If you were hoping to vote in this spring's primaries, you may have noticed that polling locations have been CLOSED due to COVID-19. That doesn't mean you can't vote, however. The State of Idaho moved to an ABSENTEE VOTING ONLY system for the public's health and safety. It takes all of about 5 seconds to request your ballot online to get via mail and enable your ability to vote!

Today, May 26th, and 8:00 p.m. is your deadline to request that ballot--so why not do it?

Request your ballot, HERE.

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