My wife is giving our son and daughter a bath when I hear this rumbling noise out front. I'm definitely dad now because I immediately started to get irritated that some kid was blasting the new Weeknd.

I started making my way up front and that's when the ground started shaking. I was like, "really?" That's when I heard my wife yell at me and I noticed the lamps shaking. We just had an earthquake.

I'm fast on my Instagram rolling up in my story as my phone started blowing up. This was definitely an earthquake as a KTVB alert came through mentioning it was felt in Spokane, Washington. My family ran out of the bathroom and our son was definitely freaked out. This is when it happened. I'm on Instagram and my son asked me a question which I just happened to catch on the IG.

What's an earthquake dad? - Lennox

That's when my daddy brilliance came through like the beast I am...

That's a good question son. - Kekeluv aka: Daddy

I had to play it off all night because we have another reason to have him scared back into our bed. Thanks, 🌎I guess it was a 6.5 no further than 80 miles out. I'm sure we'll feel some great aftershocks and we'll keep you posted.

As far as my daddy amazement in the moment, 😂I'll work on it!

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