Earthquakes can happy at any moment, and on Thursday, over 58,000 Idahoans teamed up for an earthquake drill. Are you prepared for when the earth starts dancin?

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We all remember the great earthquake of March 2020; it was right at the pandemic and it was the Treasure Valley's shakiest quake since the 1980's. I remember thinking my wife was suddenly throwing furniture around in the next room and we both came to ask each other what the other was doing. Then I noticed our coffee mugs hanging on hooks shaking pretty hard and thought, "uh oh". I ran to them and pulled them all down at once and by the time I finished, the earth quake was over. That was it. It wasn't bad and no one was hurt, thankfully.

But, you see... Earthquakes can happen at any time and they don't really give much advanced notice. Sure, some people think they can predict them to a degree but that science isn't quite good enough to predict with any accuracy how big or how soon an earthquake can happen so you kind of always have to be on the alert. Thursday was the Great Idaho ShakeOut and it was a good opportunity for people to plan and execute an earth quake drill. Are you prepared for an earth quake? Do you have a plan in place in case you lose power? Do you know how to quickly get your family out of your house if you need to (including pets)? These are all very important things to know and to be able to plan for and if you missed the Great Idaho ShakeOut yesterday, it's not too late to plan your own drill. Learn more about that here!

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