Y’all, it’s Summer!

It’s time for outdoor activities, all the ice cream you can handle, and enjoying your favorite sunglasses!

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According to National Today, it is officially National Sunglasses Day. “Everyone loves a good set of shades… so why not grab your best sunglasses and make some waves at the pool, beach, or just walking down the street with your sweet shades. Make sure you’re wearing some sunglasses and join in the fun of National Sunglasses Day on June 27!”

Because today is National Sunglasses Day... and since some of the best ways to celebrate are by getting a new ones or wearing funny ones just for fun with your friends... I figured I’d share Boise’s Top 3 Spots for Sunglasses — according to the Google Reviews as of today.

At these 3 locations, you can pretty much take care of any of your National Sunglasses Day needs and more, also don’t limit yourself to just these 3 places — there are literally DOZENS of sunglasses spots in Boise — I was kind of surprised.

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A little bit of a side note here, but if you’re like me and you wear prescription glasses, I would also highly recommend getting a pair of prescription sunglasses so you can wear stylish shades as well! I got some prescription Oakley’s in 2019 and I’ve never gone back haha I love having prescription shades and I’ll probably always have some on hand from now on.

Keep scrolling for the Top 3 Best Spots for Sunglasses in Boise AND the coolest places for ice cream 👇

Top 3 Best Spots for Sunglasses in Boise, According to Google Reviews

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