It's been 365 day, 8,760 hours, or 1 year ago that I blasted a false free pie blog. This time last year the Cheesecake Factory did a promotion around free slices to everyone in the US. The problem is we didn't have a specific delivery service and that left Idaho out.

Everything has changed and after seeing KTVB just reported on this delightful news, it's happening! 🍰Cheesecake Factory is offering 40,000 free slices across America via Doordash.

Why is this a big deal? Ask Drake! There is just something about that wall of Cheesecake at the restaurant located in the Boise Towne Square Mall. It's literally the wall of 'don't come near me if you're going sugarfree right now' rows of various Cheesecakes. This spot is way more than that but why talk about their salads, pasta or slices of bread right now. Today it's all about Cheesecake.

I remember seeing Beyonce rolling in her Bentley (true story) while showcasing her cornrows in the parking lot of the Galleria in Houston meeting her sister for lunch at her favorite, The Cheesecake Factory (true story.)

How to get that free slice?

  • Download DoorDash app
  • Place your order and use the code FREESLICE
  • Enjoy!

Share your photo with me on Instagram if you take advantage of this offer. Delivery is free AND in addition, you will also get free delivery until December with no additional codes needed.

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