I've just been waiting to say anything that takes a shot at the Keto Diet! Let me say that National Cheesecake is a REALLY good way of sticking it to the Keto baby! It's National Cheesecake Day 🍰

Before you blast me I have so many friends on that diet and you do YOU! Whatever gets your mind right to lose - go girl! For the rest of us cheaters - the Cheesecake Factory giving you a deal for it's national holiday.

I found a few deals but wanted to give the ultimate spot of cheesecake it's due first.

Sidenote: I grew up in Houston, Texas and we have a Cheesecake Factory located in the Galleria Mall. I remember visiting one year and meeting up with my brother who was a manager for Cheesecake Factory. I met up with him and BOOOOOOM! There she was. The Cheesecake Factory is a place where you might find anyone one of these sisters dining together. On this day it just happened to be Beyonce's day and she was meeting someone. Could it have been sister Kelly or Michelle? The Queen B was corn rolled out, fur coat, leaning to the right in her $300,000 Bentley. That's it. I interviewed her once again with her sisters but that's the extent of our relationship!

Cheesecake Factory - Half priced on all cheesecakes for the day.

Denny's - Sign-up for Denny's rewards and get 20% of their cheesecake.

Costco - Nothing that I know of but can we all agree that Costco has one of the best Cheesecake's PERIOD!


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