As we stuck hand colored, turkey signs into the frozen ground at the Struttin' for Stuffin' Half Marathon, 10K and 5K in Nampa last year, I knew we were in for a frigid run that morning.

Sure, my teammates and I were cold setting up for the race, but at least we knew we'd warm up once the gun went off and we were running.  My fiance on the other hand? He was spectating (and for unexplained reason, decided to go buy an ICED coffee) and was absolutely frozen by the time we finished.  After all, it was a balmy 30º.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

The year before? That race was on a Saturday, so I did both Struttin' for Stuffin' (race time temperature 25º) and the Turkey Day 5K (race time temperature 20º.)  Nate came to support me at both, but I distinctly remember him being totally frozen at the post race party and asking me very loudly "WHY IS THIS FUN?!"

He'll be signing a very different tune this year, because the high temperature is is expected to be 60º! According to Channel 2, if the mercury rises that high this Thanksgiving could be among the Top 5 warmest in Treasure Valley history.

That's got a lot of people asking "is it every going to snow in Boise?!" Technically we already experienced our first snowfall of the year when a few flakes flew at the Boise Airport on November 4, but we haven't had a true "snow event" over an inch of accumulation on the valley floor quite yet.

That normally happens around November 23rd, but has happened as late as December 5 (1995) and January 18 (2012, I remember driving in was like everyone in the Treasure Valley forgot how to drive!)

Make Your Thanksgiving Feel Like a Winter Wonderland

Bummed there's no snow to make things feel cozy this year? If you've got a smart TV, just pop one of these videos on to completely change the feel of the room.  We just got a new smart TV in the studio and I've been using these to make it feel more like Christmas than early spring!

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