There are truly, so many social media platforms, it can be impossible to keep up sometimes. If you're like me--and yes, I had to admit it--you dabble in a little of them all. Twitter, a popular social media platform worldwide and of course particularly in the White House, is in my opinion the most UNDERRATED. Whenever something is going on locally or nationally, I usually creep Twitter to see what people are saying.  Even while in college, my university made sure everyone had a Twitter account because it was the easiest way for various school departments to post up news, announcements, or even security alerts.

I'm seeing it everywhere-- even here around the radio station-- everyone is a political expert. This made me wonder: what are LOCAL people saying, right here in the Treasure Valley, about everything going on surrounding the election?  I know...scary question.

Using Twitter's search feature, I dug up local reactions surrounding everything going on. See below for some highlights:

Consensus? Well. I think it's par for the course in 2020 and we're all just ready for it to be over.
Cheers, Treasure Valley.

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