I came across a video comparing the photos we post on Facebook vs. Snapchat. It was dead on. I also thought I was the only one who posted by better faces on Facebook and the tragic ones on Snapchat. Nope. You do, too, don't you? Let's see them!



This is the kind of photo I would post (and have posted) on Facebook.


tawsha selfie


Then, this is what I'll post to Snapchat


Snapchat 5

Why do I do this? In a split second, I learned that I was not alone. KTVB's Maggie O'Mara and Larry Gebert do the same thing.

snapchat maggie

Then an amazing moment presented itself as a response.

Snapchat 1

For some reason, we choose to share our "highlight" reel on facebook. We post our edited photos with the best poses, the edited skin (look at me - I never have pimples. Lies.) We may take the time to post cryptic messages to see how people react and even to get attention. The quotes. Oh, the quotes. I'm someone who does it and I'm a fan. I think it's a great way to see more honestly into people's lives. The quotes tell an emotional story of a person's headspace. I'll even go as far as asking someone what they mean in the hopes that I can be a friend (or even cheer them on).

We can share the perfect things in our life all day long. That's fine and good but I'm all about seeing your ridiculous faces and what you're actually sending on Snapchat. Keep it clean. Where are your ridiculous faces and filters?


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