It's an issue that is already sparking discussion and sending waves through the Treasure Valley. Stores right here in our area are carrying bullet-resistant backpacks for children on their shelves. Of course, both ends of the political spectrum have something to say about this, but in the middle sits a looming issue of school safety that our entire nation continues to wrestle with.

I don't care who you voted for or what you believe in, it's fair to say that ALL can agree the school shootings that have happened in our country are unacceptable. On another note, I know that we can all agree that we not only hope that another NEVER happens again, we hope that our children never have to experience anything like that in their lives.

So what's the solution? We don't know that. No idea or proposal is perfect.

A clear symptom of the issue? Well, it's on the shelves of our stores here in the Treasure Valley.

Guard Dog Security brand backpacks are being sold at Office Depot and Office Max in Boise and Nampa. While the bags aren't bullet PROOF, they're resistant to a .44 magnum handgun but wouldn't do much to stop something like a riffle.

It feels weird to even talk about this-- how do you feel about these being sold? Is it simply a preventative measure that you wouldn't mind your child having? Or, do you think these add to some faucet of the issue?

We want to know what you think and I'll be taking your phone calls this afternoon to see just what the Treasure Valley thinks of these.

See the brand of backpacks for yourself, HERE.

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