It’s a new year and while this typically the time we learn about new laws to watch out for, there are already some “interesting” Idaho laws that’ll leave you scratching your head. Some of these laws are so outlandish, it’s almost difficult to tell if it’s real at first glance. So, we decided to have a little bit of fun and see if YOU can guess which of the Idaho laws we found on are true or false. Let’s see how well you do and if you can get a perfect score!

TRUE OR FALSE: Can You Guess Which Idaho Laws Are Real?

Let's see how well you do at guessing which of these silly laws are true and which are false.

Five Driving Rules Idahoans Should Adopt

Yes, living in the Treasure Valley is great however sometimes it can just take being "rubbed" the wrong way on our streets to completely throw you off for the day. Road rage, as we have seen from recent viral TikTok posts, is REAL here in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes, we get so used to streets not being busy that when they are, we go a little crazy. This is the case from the freeway, as well. According to a local driving group, this graphic sums up a list of rules that Idaho drivers need to pay attention to. What do you think?

10 Bad Driving Habits That Could Get You in Trouble With the Police in Idaho

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