It’s not often that we get a television show filmed here in little old Idaho…

In fact, it seems like every time a celebrity even visits the Gem State, we are absolutely beside ourselves with excitement.



Recently the actor Henry Winkler posted photographs of himself fishing here in Idaho, and fans lost their minds (rightfully so).

It’s not everyday that you’re enjoying a meal, and you casually glance over to see a man that has been famously acting for half of a century.  


In fact, here are some other celebrities that Idahoans are likely to run into, on any given day:

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho


We love seeing famous people and shows in Idaho!

It could even be argued that Idahoans actually love the television show Yellowstone so much because it is filmed right next door to us, in our favorite National State Park.

So when we heard that a show is actually going to be filmed IN Idaho...

We were beyond excited.


So what show is it, exactly?

This will not only take place in Idaho – it will actually be filmed right here in the Treasure Valley! 

At the Firebird Raceway in Eagle, to be exact.

The Firebird Raceway has been Idaho’s largest motorsport’s facility for more than five decades, where racers compete from all over the nation. 

In just a few weeks, on August 26 and 27, the television show Speed Outlaws, No Prep Kings will begin filming their Season 5 right here at the raceway!  



Tickets are expected to sell out quickly, which is why we’re talking about it now versus waiting until the event gets closer…

So if you want a chance to watch an incredible television show live as it’s being filmed, as well as numerous other perks, click on the link above to get your tickets as soon as possible.

And maybe you’ll even get the chance to get featured on live television!

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