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I love this message. It's easy for us to sit back and talk about all these wealthy people telling us to "stay strong" or "keep your head up."

It's just not fair to say that anymore, is it? We watch these same wealthy celebrities take their own lives because something else is going on. So, I get it but was moved by a speech given by Tyler Perry during Joel Osteen's record-setting digital church.

Joel Osteen is one of the most popular pastors in the country and just happens to host church at a place very familiar to me. I grew in Houston and have witnessed unbelievable worship that happens at that very Lakewood Church. it's like going to a Boise State Game with the roar and the number of people attending. Truly magical.

I took something away from Tyler Perry in this message because I agree. We have found ways to see the things that maybe we've forgotten about and Tyler hits it. I really appreciated his message.

This week Joel hosted an Easter extravaganza that I really appreciated. This is also where I want to apologize for judging Mariah Carey. Whoa. I say that because we've seen so much of her on the celebrity red carpet, New Year's Specials and several reality shows over the last few years. It's so easy to make an assumption based upon watching her at some of those events but we really never know. Was she really being a diva? I remember interviewing once as she was running across the street in New York wearing high heels. Mariah was one of my favorite interviews and she spent upwards to 45 talking with me.

I was watching her and this lady still has it and just owned her hit, "Heroes" that was dedicated to everyone on our front lines during the quarantines all over the world. She first sang it to us in 1993 and can still nail it in 2020. Watch this and share this post with people who need to see it.

Like Mariah says in this video we need to celebrate and show our support for those heroes. I have first hand experience with so many and there is no other. They're truly our angels and hopefully we get to thank them when it's all over with.


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