Boise loves to see celebrities in Boise--it's just becoming a simple fact. If there's a star in Boise or really anywhere in Idaho, residents around here get really excited. Despite the fact that the "secret" really is out on Boise and how great it is here--folks that have lived here for a long time have known all about what makes our area special, for years! Even if we don't want too many people moving here, we're gluttons or showing off our city.

Which celebrity was spotted in Boise this week? Well--there were a few. Let's start with a major name in the UFC world: Dana White!

Dana White is the very well known CEO of UFC fighting which is one of the very biggest brands on the entire globe.

As you can see from his post, Dana was here promoting his new liquor. Perhaps the biggest star in Boise, Rocci Johnson, also found time to hang with Dana-- or rather--Dana was able to hang with her!

Credit: Rocci Johnson
Credit: Rocci Johnson


While Dana White was wandering around Boise with his own liquor line--visiting local conventions and liquor stores, another big name was wandering around town: Mark Wahlberg. Here's a look at Wahlberg's time in Boise on the same day! 

Back in Boise Like He Never Left: A Look at Mark Wahlberg's Visit

It hasn't even been 6 months since Mark was here in Boise--today, he was back!

Exclusive Look Inside of Mark Wahlberg's Boise Visit

After so much speculation, we now have an exclusive look at Mark Wahlberg's visit to Boise!

Check out the full video for yourself, below!

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