Christmas tree lots are officially open across the Treasure Valley. And even though there's a reported Christmas Tree shortage  in the Pacific North West, it looks like there's plenty of inventory to choose from.

If you enjoy the benefits of having a real tree in your house during the holidays, you may be surprised to know you maybe bringing some uninvited guests into your house via your tree.

A recent study published by Safer Brand reports that up to 25,000 bugs could be living in a single tree.

There are a few simple steps you can follow to help reduce the amount of potential insects you bring into your house.

#1 Shake Your Tree- Most tree lot's will do this per your request.

#2 Leave your tree in a garage for a day or so to let things settle out. If you have a heated garage most of the insects will wake up thinking it's spring.

#3 Check the tree to make sure there is no webbing or nesting.


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