What makes Idaho great? They say our state is amazing and depending on the context, there are certain things that are undeniable.  Our fishing, our mountains, the wilderness and for the most part...the people. Idaho lives at a different pace and for many, it's a relief!

We came across a not-so rave review of Idaho, however, from a long-time political cartoonist & journalist from Salt Lake City, Utah who claims to have visited Idaho over the weekend...

Fair to say he wasn't a fan of ours? 

It didn't take long for the internet to chime in and even self-proclaimed Idahoans had something to say about the accusations...






Is it really THAT crazy here in Idaho? Some wild things happen and we often get national attention for the strangest things. Maybe we're just used to it?

As long as well can all get along, be kind, and accept one another...it's Idahome for us!

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