This story is going to leave you scratching your head. There was a lady and a friend that decided to visit Table Rock on Thursday, August 30th just a little before midnight. After they got done enjoying the views the pair of ladies had to call the police because their vehicle was gone. Unfortunately we are finding out now from KBOI that the vehicle was pushed down the hill.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office is saying that the woman and her friend parked the red Ford Focus near the gate below Table Rock, and after only 90 minutes of exploring they returned to find the vehicle had vanished.

The next morning a family member of the vehicle owner returned to continue the search which eventually lead to find the vehicle hundreds of feet below where it was originally parked.

The vehicle is a total loss as would be expected. The sheriff's office did confirm the car was still locked, the parking brake was set, and they found a purse and backpack still in the mangled mess.

At this point the sheriff's office believes a larger vehicle drove up from behind and pushed it off the side. If you have any information on what might have happened please call 208-377-6790.

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