It was horrendous news that graced most of our smartphones and televisions over the weekend-- a stabbing with multiple casualties happened right here in the Treasure Valley.  The Boise Police Department even stated this was the largest crime that has been seen in the history of the department.

Saturday night, nine members of the refugee community (six of them were children) were violently attacked during a birthday party for one of the children. As the story developed, we learned that several victims were in critical care. Today, we have learned that a 3-year-old victim has passed away.

Many in out community have been left asking: What's next? How do we help?

Showing support at tonight vigil is one way to do so. At 6:00 p.m. on the steps of the Boise City Hall building, hundreds have already RSVP'd online to join in showing support for those effected.  There will be speakers from both the city and the Office for Refugees. A large "Get-Well" card will be present for anyone and everyone to sign and interpreters will be there as well.

For specific details on the event or to share with your friends, click HERE.


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