Having grown up here in Boise--I've always felt safe. I was driving up the freeway towards Nampa with a friend of mine just last week and she couldn't believe that I remembered when there was nothing but fields along I-84. If you're a local like me, you may recall that too.

Again, if you're a local like me...you'll agree that a crime like what we saw happen on State Street some weeks ago-- a mass stabbing-- is unheard of for this place we call home. Since that tragic event, while our community and more specifically that community of refugees with whom we share the city have been healing and looking for ways to recover. Businesses all across the Treasure Valley have found ways to give back and help, be it through volunteer work or in-kind donations.

Just this past week, however, an entire concert at the Linen Building in downtown Boise took place where money was raised for those effected by the stabbing. The Boise Rock School put on the event, which featured both students and local artists. A full 100% of money raised went to the victims.

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