If you've ever shopped with one Chris Cruise, formerly of 103.5 KISS FM and now Wow Country 104.3-- you'll know it may be the most annoying activity you could ever do.

If you haven't, and you ever have the opportunity to shop with him--decide wisely.

Chris is that guy that likes to try on a million different things and look in the mirror a lot. Then, once he finds something he likes, he needs to look in the mirror more. Once he decides he wants it, he needs to stare into the mirror even more and ask if he should buy it. In my experience, it's a whole lot of effort and typically doesn't pan out into a purchase.  Do you have a friend like this!?

To this day, he still mentions the Robert Comstock store in the Village at Meridian because of a bright yellow leather jacket he wishes he would have bought. That store is moving OUT of The Village and INTO downtown Boise. A move that seems almost opposite of what we have seen lately--a trend that has involved business leaving downtown to go out to The Village for businesses like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

The new store in downtown Boise has already opened and is located at 765 W. Idaho Street, Boise.

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