We love supporting local Boise area businesses and lucky for us, there is no shortage of them in the Treasure Valley. One of the great things about folks here in the Treasure Valley is that we are innovative, driven, and community oriented. These make great traits of business ownership!

From time to time, however, local businesses close down for one reason or another. It's always sad to see--but sometimes they don't work out or the owners just want to move onto their next venture. One local business that many long-time Idahoans may remember is 'Sub Zero Ice Cream'! The ice cream shop offered an experience--they would toss your ice cream under some nitrogen and it would make a big, dramatic, 'foggy' scene across the counters of the store! It was so fun to watch!

What if we told you they have re-surfaced online because a throwback television commercial of theirs has appeared online and the internet literally cannot stop laughing at it!?

You aren't even ready for this Boise commercial...

Vintage Boise Commercial Leaves The Internet Laughing

Alright, there's something magical about "retro" commercials--the nostalgia and the "cheese", if you will. This Boise commercial, however, takes things to the next level.

KEEP SCROLLING to see the video for yourself!

Do you remember seeing this air on local television back in the day!? 

While it is no longer open these days, at one point in time, going to Sub Zero for some ice cream was a real treat!

If you want to watch the whole thing for yourself (and believe us when we say that you do), check it out below:



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