Leave it to Idaho to go viral--once again--for something silly. Perhaps silly is too fun of a word for what this local TikTok user found: live fish left behind in a dumpster.

The video begins with the user saying that it's their first time "dumpster diving". If one were diving in the sea, they might expect to find live fish. Diving in a dumpster shouldn't yield the same results--however, behind this Idaho PetSmart, it did.

We are unsure of which PetSmart they were dumpster diving at--but there are two locations in the Treasure Valley.

Let's take a look at what this TikTok user found...

Are Idaho PetSmart Locations Throwing Away Fish? TikTok Says Yes

A video filmed in Idaho has gone viral on TikTok--all because pet fish have been thrown away--into the dumpsters!

What on earth is going on here!? 

In a statement released by PetSmart to Insider, leadership from the national pet supply chain said:

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of pets in our care. This was an isolated incident, made in error, which we sincerely regret.  We are using this situation to review store policies and procedures with our team to reinforce our industry-leading pet care standards.

We certainly hope that this is the case.

The video now has well over 15 million views and continues to spread across the internet.

Check out the entire video for yourself, below: 


@ugckatehahn32 Found this in the dumpster at my local Petsmart. #dumpsterdiving ♬ original sound - Kate :)


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