It’s always cool to see something from Idaho go viral online. However, when it’s something negative it could be a little bit unfortunate. This time around someone had a LOT to say about one local high school. Nampa High School got (in the nicest way possible) torn to shreds in an Instagram real.

The video went very viral with over 21 thousand likes on it and it was done by an Instagram account called It seems to be that this specific Instagram account has a lot to say about Idaho high schools because they have posted a lot about them. 

Nampa High School Bullied

Internet bullying is not a joke!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

It’s crazy to see what kinds of things were being said about Nampa High School when the school is actually very well liked and a very popular high school in the Treasure Valley. We’d like to think that the owner of this account would definitely have their mind changed if they came for a visit and even toured the school.

Going forward hopefully they ease up on the Idaho hating on their account because Idaho is one of the best states to live in in the whole country! They definitely need a tour of the state soon because their opinions would totally improve.

Often we’ve seen conspiracy theories about Idaho not being real or people forgetting that the state even existed but never people hating on the state so badly! All we know is that if they lived here they wouldn’t be saying all of the negative things on the internet.

Rigby Tik Tok Gone Viral

These comments are crazy

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What an amazing talent! Have you seen this video?

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