A video shot in late 2015 in the Boise area that went viral and became one of the most scrutinized throughout paranormal communities worldwide is currently being featured on a popular cable television show.

Over Halloween weekend I tuned into the Travel Channel in search of a new show to entertain my family, and came across the first season of a paranormal video countdown. To my surprise, a Boise video that I had never seen before was mentioned in the top 30. Its footage sparked conversation among many as to whether or not a flying creature thought to be extinct might actually have survived to present time.

The Pterosaur was a massive, flying vertebrate, that lived during the Mesozoic time period. Like all dinosaurs, they are thought to have been killed off millions of years ago. The Travel Channel's first season of "Paranormal Caught On Camera," currently mentions the clip that was filmed five years ago this September.

The video has been viewed millions of times across several self-publishing Internet platforms. Its about one-minute long, and is said to have originated somewhere near Boise, Idaho. The footage shows a person walking on a trail just prior to filming upwards, in which a large, unexplained winged animal, can then be seen flying across the sky before disappearing behind some trees.

The general consensus from the paranormal investigators featured on the show is that the footage is legitimate, and not tampered with or edited. If this was some sort of hoax, its execution was top notch. The object seen in the video does indeed appear to be a living creature based on its movements.

Do you believe this video is credible?

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