It's a no from me, man. This video that is making major rounds on the internet is a really aggressive reminder that fighting fires here in the State of Idaho isn't for the faint of heart--incase you've forgotten.

We're experiencing some poor air quality right now in the Treasure Valley and beyond and really, it's all because of the smoke coming into the valley from Idaho's fires--as well as those in the surrounding area.

You've seen the news reports that includes footage of forest firefighters on the ground in yellow working to contain these monsters. Of course, you have also seen the video footage of planes and helicopters flying over the forest, dropping gallons of water and fire retardant.

Have you seen THIS video, though?

Originally this was shared as footage from Idaho, but once I tracked down the original source I learned that it was filmed just hours away in Montana. These crews don't discriminate when it comes to fighting fires, however: if there's a need, they'll be on their way to our state, too.

And of course, everyone on Twitter had to chime in...


Today, I'm thankful that I don't even have to parallel park downtown Boise--let alone fly a chopper like this.. 


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