Try it. Just get on to and you could see Mountain View High School senior Alejandra Santiago's artwork.

On Monday, Mountain View HS senior Alejandra M. Dahlmeir Santiago was surprised with the news that she was Idaho's winner for her artwork in the Doodle 4 Google competition.

Anyone in school (K-12) can enter the art competition. The theme this year is "What I See for the Future". Anything can be created based on whatever the artist feels inspires them based on the wording of the theme.

Alejandra is now one of 53 finalists from across the United States who can just simply Google their drawing. The artwork is named "Humankind's Next Great Leap...Mars." She was inspired by NASA's reusable rocket.

If selected, Alejandra's artwork could earn her a $30,000 college scholarship plus a $50,000 "Google for Education" grant to be used for improving Mountain View High School's computer lab or technology program.

Vote on your favorite doodle (let's put the Treasure Valley on the map - again) by voting HERE. The voting deadline is March 6th.


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