So close.

We were so close.

If you're hearing this story for the first time, it's because it didn't come to fruition. Here's what happened, and what almost happened.

Kind Idaho, a political action committee, has been collecting signatures in hopes of legalizing cannabis in Idaho as medicine. They unfortunately came short of their goal, amassing only 10% of signatures needed to qualify said initiative to be voted on this year.

Joe Evans, Kinda Idaho's Treasurer, elaborates:

We ran into some issues along the way with basically starting up a grassroots organization without any sort of financial backing or assistance.

Does Evans think the legalization of cannabis is still in Idaho's future?

I see — with the exception of a few personalities — the trend, even among Republicans, that medical marijuana is becoming more and more of a potential reality in the state of Idaho.

Currently, recreational marijuana is legal in 18 out of 50 states in the U.S., including numerous that border Idaho.

Think the green stuff doesn't belong in the Gem State? You're in the minority. Recent surveys contest that over half of Idahoans support legalizing recreational marijuana.

What say you? Do you think you should be able to buy weed legally in Idaho? Or are you of the mind that it'd bring crime and hooligans and ruffians and Satan herself to lay waste upon our great state?

We hope it's not the latter, because that'd make you truly weird. Let's connect on Facebook and see what real folks in and around Boise are thinking.

Is Cannabis legal in Boise, Idaho? Breaking Hemp News!

Idaho (being a naturally conservative state) has stood firm in its stance against cannabis use since 1970 when the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) was passed. That is, until a breaking announcement just this week.

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