Ladies, if you've been dying for your man to put a ring on it and he's been dragging his feet, today might just be the day you get that bling!

Monday, March 20th, 2017 is National Proposal Day.  The day is celebrated on the same day as the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring) and gives couples the opportunity to celebrate their love without having to share their special day with another holiday like Valentine's Day or Christmas.

About a month ago, I had the incredible opportunity to share my fairy tale, McCall Winter Carnival proposal with you guys.  In fact, people are still grabbing me when I'm out and about Downtown telling me how much our proposal made them cry.  Before Nate proposed, I joked with him there was no way that he could disappoint me because it couldn't get much worse than this proposal story!

That proposal story happens to be my own.  If you're new to the Treasure Valley, you might not know that I was engaged briefly in 2012.  Four months into that engagement it was really clear than we both wanted different things in life and so I made the extremely difficult decision to end it. Some people thought it was doomed from the beginning after how the proposal went down.

I was home in Ohio for Christmas and wanted to go for a run with my old running club, the Youngstown Road Runners.  So that Sunday morning, I met them at the park to put a couple miles in on snow covered roads.  It'd been two years since I ran in the snow, so I threw out my back trying to keep my balance.  It was clear that for the rest of my vacation, I was going to be in pain.

But my guy at the time really had his heart set on going to see the first year of Christmas lights at Kentwood Park (it's the amusement park in Pittsburgh, PA where they shot the movie Adventureland.) His dad and stepmom and my little sister and mom were all coming with us, so I sucked it up and decided we could still go even though I was feeling awful.

The entire night I limped around the park and wasn't really able to go on many rides that were open without hurting my back more.  At the end of the night we came to the carousel.  I looked at the horse and said there was no way I was going to be able to get myself onto one of those, so he said "that's ok, let's sit in one of the sleighs."  At that point he starts to pass down his jacket, "thinking" that he lost his phone. I ask if I should call it (since he literally had it 30 seconds before that) and pull out mine to do so.  That's when he says "Never mind! I found it!" and pulls out the little black box.  I look down at it and he looks me dead in the eyes and says "So, do you want to do it?" I'm all like "you mean get married?" and he says "yeah, that's what I meant."

Now, I know that proposing is never an easy thing for a guy to do and I'm sure he was really nervous, but I was totally underwhelmed by how my first proposal went down.  I definitely didn't feel the butterflies or see fireworks like I thought I would when I was being asked for my hand in marriage.

So now you know why I told Nate all the time that he couldn't mess it up nearly as bad, no matter how he asked me! I will say, I did feel all the feels the second time around! If you didn't get a chance to see my Winter Carnival proposal, check it out below!

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