Some people, I swear...

On Monday, the Idaho Humane Society posted a video on their Facebook page of a dog that was in a hot car.

According to their post, the registered temperature inside the vehicle was 123.8 degrees.

The caption said, “Nine calls yesterday. Five calls today thus far: a home furniture store, a restaurant, two grocery stores, and a local pool.”

First, God bless the people who are calling in and reporting these things. KTVB reported, “On June 22, a dog died after its owner left it in a hot car in Meridian. Idaho Humane Society Communications Manager, Kristine Schellhaas, said it was 84 degrees outside at the time, but 147 degrees inside the car.”

Second, no pet should ever have to suffer in a hot car, leave your pets at home people!

Fortunately, in this case the dog was okay. The Idaho Humane Society’s Facebook post explains, “A good Samaritan made the call at 2:15 pm, and a Humane Officer arrived within minutes. Nearly an hour later, the owner returned to his vehicle at 3:06 pm and read the notice on his windshield to contact us,” followed by...

“You do not want to see your pet suffer. It is not worth your pet's life! Please stop leaving dogs in hot cars! If you see an animal in distress in a hot car, please call (208) 343-3166 in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Unincorporated Ada County.”

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