We found something that you can do at work, home, and on vacation to instantly make you happier. Check out Kekeluv, Mateo, and some other peeps crush away their problems!

mateo pinata

I think of birthdays, cake, ice cream, blindfolds and candy when the word pinata is used. Everyone gets in a line and gets to take a crack at the pinata filled with candy. If you hit it hard enough, the pinata explodes, and a candy waterfall erupts as kids scramble to pick up the pieces. Traditionally you might see more around Cinco De Mayo.

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I grabbed this screen shot inside the new 103.5 Kissfm App where you can also check the weather. This is a great week to do something that we've come up with called, "Water Balloon Pinata" or better yet "Problem Pinata." Here's what you'll need:

  • 9-inch water balloons.
  • A baseball bat or something you can swing that is hard. We used a plastic bat and it was an epic failure. We almost broke both arms and neither could bust the balloons.
  • Some yard to tie the balloon. I wouldn't use small string because the knot might cut through the balloon making it leak.
  • Kids doing this might wanna be careful and under supervision. I can see a hard bat flying out of someone's hands - use with caution.
  • Problem Pinata version: a group of people with problems. We just grabbed people from inside the office and you'll notice everyone smiles.

Sometimes we get caught up in all the negative stuff at work and you need to exhale every once in awhile. A fun work environment is a winning one and I think most employers miss that. This is our idea of smashing problems away, enjoying work, and getting wet in the meantime. Enjoy! If you have any ideas on other things you want us to smash - send us an email to kekeluv@1035kissfmboise.com or DM us @kissboise.

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