We just celebrated one year of working together and now we're taking some well deserved time off for Christmas.

Keke and Kat will be back live in 2020 with the largest promotions, new string of dudes getting busted for cheating (Katfished) and more.

We've been working for weeks searching for the best and funniest moments of 2019. As you finish things up like shopping, loose ends at work, and Christmas vacation, download the Kiss app to hear special editions of Katfished.

Katfished is a feature that we hear the most about and understandably so. You might be surprised at some of the episodes we've aired as Kat Fisher goes undercover to bust cheating guys. Over the next few weeks, we'll be counting down some of the best stories that you might now have heard yet. Season 1 of Katfished is in the books with over 150 guys getting busted for cheating on their girls.

We don't air every episode. You get the best of the very best

Kat and I will be back live together after New Years with a new season of Katfished that you'll love.

Enjoy Keke and Kat's favorite episodes of Katfished 25 minutes after every hour beginning at 5:25, 6:25, 7:25, 8:25 and 9:25 each morning. You will be shocked by the guy who isn't really cheating but we found out he just wants to be walked like a dog Yea, that happened.

Download the new Kiss App, listen live, find out what's trending in the 208 and receive instant messages from Keke/Kat.

We hope your Christmas is wonderful and hopefully, we see you on New Years

Merry Christmas!

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