These are the moments when people become great. There is so much negativity, sadness and just pure fear around the coronavirus.

My wife wanted to get some chalk for the kids but I just figured it was because of the nice weather. That's not why.

There is a "Chalk Your Walk" challenge that is trending online to encourage a positive message in your neighborhood. You have so many people who are quarantined and staying inside trying to stay away from the coronavirus. My wife and I have 2 amazing little humans but neither one wants to sit inside all day. Lennox is 5 years old and would be completely happy if he could just find worms in the back yard. I'm afraid that our 1 year old would just try to eat them considering she wants everything. That's the truth 🐛

You might think sidewalk chalk would be easy to find but not so fast. I had to drive around to four different stores before I found some in Fred Meyer's school supplies aisle. I feel like this is like my constant travel around the city for toilet paper, baby wipes, and paper towels. The only difference is that find the chalk!

The plan of the challenge is to write positive messages in your driveway or sidewalk to make people smile. Post up your own creativity by sharing some love in your neighborhood. We'll be doing some more and sharing on our Instagram. Make sure to tag us and I'll give you a shout in the morning

Hang in there ❤️

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