I grew up in a very traditional family where we had a lot of traditions. As soon as I found out I was having a daughter, one of the first things I looked forward to come holiday time were creating my own traditions. Over the years, I’ve moved around a bit. Some newly created traditions have stuck, some haven’t. Last year on Halloween we created a new tradition which is painting pumpkins. Painting is something any young child loves to do. In the spirit of Halloween we each go and pick our own pumpkin and bring it home to decorate. I’ve never been big on pumpkin carving, nor am I creative enough for it. But paint? That’s something I can do! I love watching my daughter put her creativity to work and seeing what she comes up with. This year she was very adamant about painting the “big” pumpkin pink and adding pink sparkles. This is a tradition that is cheap and memorable and I hope to continue for years to come!

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