I looked my bridesmaids in the face on Monday night and said "Well, we're here! I've already made it further on this wedding than the last one!"

Of course my friends just about died of laughter when I said that, but Brianne, our style consultant at David's Bridal looked absolutely horrified at first.  In her defense, my Bride Tribe knew that I'd been engaged before and did absolutely 0 planning for the wedding after saying "yes." That said, I didn't have some old Pinterest board laying around with dozens of dresses pinned to bring in to my first bridal dress appointment.

Thank goodness that any bridal boutique specializes in helping indecisive brides like me find their signature style.  I told Brianne the one thing that I did know was that I liked dresses with poof (I think all but one of the gowns I wore to high school dances were poofy) so she pulled three dresses and that's where we got started!

As I tried them on she'd ask me what I like and what I didn't about each gown to help narrow down what dress to pull next.  Eventually we figured out that I was a fan of sweetheart necklines, ball gown and a-line styles with just a touch of trendy floral applique designs throughout the dress.

By the end of my appointment, I was completely torn! There were two dresses I really loved and couldn't pick between the two! Instead of saying yes to THE (or a for that matter) dress on Monday night, I decided to wait for my friend to get back from the Boston Marathon to offer her opinion.  Several people told me if none of the dresses brought me to tears, neither of them was the right dress...so I'm probably going to check out a few other bridal boutiques around the Treasure Valley before making a decision!

I could use some advice though! Brides - if you were torn between two dresses how did you pick the one?  Was it based on price? Bridal party's opinion? Also, where else did you look for a dress? I went to David's first because that's where I bought my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding last year but I'm willing to try other places in the Treasure Valley to see some other styles? Post up your advice! I need it!

Behind The Scenes Photos

Here's some pictures my bridesmaids took while we were shopping! FYI...none of these dresses are the two that I really loved because my fiance is sneaky and would find those pictures!

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