There's a new pandemic going on around the Treasure Valley and I think that you can only catch a case of it--or the addiction, rather--online. I like to call it "house porn". With a booming real estate market here in the Treasure Valley, just about any online article that shows a home with multiple bedrooms, a pool, and maybe a cool tennis court or slide in the backyard will end up getting a billion likes, comments, shares, and clicks.

Of course, I'm exaggerating about the billions...yet, it feels like a billion bucks is about the average price of homes in our area. Oh, and each one is getting about a billion offers.

Yes, we know it and we've known it for years: our little "secret" is out and people want to live right here in Boise, Idaho.

What does that mean for a local kid like myself--born and raised in the greatest city in the nation? Well, it means I won't be buying a home anytime soon. Unfortunately, it means the same for others like me, too.

The feature shows shots of downtown Boise and have dubbed the situation as "The Great Reshuffle"--suggesting that as more and more people can work from wherever they want, folks are choosing to come to Boise.

In the last year--yes, even during the pandemic--the feature explains that home values in Boise have shot up over 30%.  Nationally, the figure was only up 11%.

Comments on social media about the matter blame the usual suspects such as Californians, "Liberals", and even "too many top 10 lists"

The Great Reshuffling, huh? I have nothing against growth...but wow, it's a little scary right now.

You can watch the full feature on Boise for yourself, below:


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