Weird Al Yankovic get's Tacky with the parody of Pharrell Williams, Happy.  This just reminds me of some radio djs I know!  Cheesy!  Have YOU seen this?You have to give Weird Al some credit.  This dude has been recording parody songs since Michael jackson's "Beat It" was #1.  It's a pretty amazing concept.  Let someone write a hit song, wait for it to go #1 and then rewrite for humor.  All the hard work has been done!  I don't know about this one though.  Weird Al just reminds of a few cheesy radio djs I know that I can only listen to in moderation.

They do say cheesy works though and how can "Eat It" NOT be cheesy right?  Well, here ya go!  The world premiere of Weird Al Yankovic's better late than never, "Tacky".

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