If you think about it, podcasting is nothing more than listening to some talk radio. Especially these days, as it has taken off and even podcasters are "paying the bills" with some commercials and advertisements.

I'm am so totally guilty of getting way more into podcasts than most--but I love listening to things that make me think! In college, when I worked graveyard shifts at a hotel in downtown Spokane, Washington, once it was late enough I would put my phone volume all the way up and listen to TONS of episodes over the remaining 5-6 hours of my shift, in the lobby. Now, I find myself listening a lot more at my desk while I work.

So--do you listen to any podcasts? Do you have any favorites? You've got to post up and share yours with me. Below, you can find my list of FAVORITE podcasts that I would totally recommend to you!

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    The podcast "Serial" is 3 seasons long--think of it as listening to a really good Netflix original.  Each season is deep dive into a criminal story or investigation. You'll find yourself addicted especially if you love mysteries. These are true stories, too!

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    The Daily

    If you like being in the know, "The Daily" is a really well done, daily briefing of the news--but instead of a recap, it's what you should know going into the day. It's put together by the New York Times and it's how I start my day, every day.

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    StarTalk Radio

    This is hosted by one of the most popular scientists of our time, Neil Degrasse Tyson. NO--you don't need to be a science geek to love this--in fact, he sits down and interviews famous people you know and love and it's really just a conversation about life, the world, and the unknown. It's a mind stimulator for sure.

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