We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Western Collective is a total vibe

Located conveniently in Garden City, this brewery is seriously the cutest: dog friendly, Instagram-worthy photo ops, a giant patio with plenty of interactive games, delicious beverages for every type of drinker and yummy food. 

What’s not to love?!


Well, you just freaking wait.

Western Collective is not only extremely fun and aesthetically pleasing, their employees are ridiculously funny as well. 

It turns out, for all of you beer-loving fanatics, that this brewery has perfected the art of trolling their drinkers in a pretty understated and hilarious way. 


Brew team members Brennan Weaver and Marco Montero are in charge of not only producing and packaging the beers and seltzers, they also cleverly come up with the phrases that are printed on the bottom of the cans. 

If you’ve got a Western Collective can in your hand (and if you do, I’m super jealous), flip that bad boy upside down and take a peek at the bottom.


If you DON’T happen to have a can nearby, you’re still in luck. 

Check out the photos below, to understand why this brewery just got a whole lot cooler:

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