Every time an Olympian wins a medal, they are handed something else. What has been flowers in the past has now been replaced by this colorful thing that nobody seems to know a purpose for. I now have an answer. 

Buzzfeed answers all of our questions. When Kristin Armstrong, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles and all the other medal winners are accepting their medals, there's also something else they are handed. It's colorful and looks like little people melted together like an old crayon.

There is a reason for it and a purpose.

Who knew?

Swimming - Olympics: Day 7
Getty Images


It's a trophy.  The thing that is being handed to the medal winners is a 3-D logo model of the Rio Olympics logo. It's also, apparently, a medal holder.

We have yet to see how it works.

Is this something we should ask Kristin Armstrong about when we welcome her home on Monday?

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