You couldn't have picked a better weekend for Twilight Criterium happening in downtown Boise this weekend! I mean there is NOTHING happening this weekend anyways right?

WRONG! Have you witnessed TC yet? First, this weekend is gonna be jam-packed with events, traffic, Idahoans and traveling coming into Boise for some pretty big events including Twilight Criterium.

Traffic Update: Several streets will be closed all weekend due to Saturday market, the UFC events, Wizard-Con, and Twilight Criterium. Be cautious and prepared yo!

What is Twilight Criterium? The best of the best travel from all over the country to speed through the streets of Downtown Boise. Come to hang and watch the mayhem and set your shutter speeds on those cameras.

Photo Tip: Speed up your shutter speeds to help capture non-blurry pictures of all these bikes screaming through downtown.

The Twilight Fan Expo (We know Wizard-Con is in town and we DON'T mean Twilight the movie 😂The Twilight Fan Expo in Cecil D. Andrus/Capitol Park hosts food, drinks, vendor and cycling booths.

The Today Show Gallery of Olympians
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Activities begin when the sun comes up including a special and meet/greet with the kids at 12:00 p.m. with local celebrity/friend/family/Idahoan/advocate and unbelievable 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristin Armstrong.

Get the full list of race times and itinerary HERE.



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