Chris handed me a pen to write something down quickly and I couldn't do it. The second I looked at the pen, memories came flooding back and I couldn't even hold on to it any longer. If I think long enough, there are plenty of things I can't do because of an ex and the memories that come with it. 

  • Chris can't listen to an entire band (any of their songs)
  • Michelle Heart isn't able to drive down a road (the whole thing)
  • I can't bank at a certain place because I dated someone who was a teller

Is there something that you just can't stand anymore because your ex or memories of your ex come crashing to the surface?

I'm wondering if I'm crazy or I'm doing the right thing by avoiding these little details or making them obsolete from my life.

A lot of people say they can be friends with their ex. If you have something that you just can't stand because it has something to do with them, it's likely you aren't friends.

There are actually reasons why you and your ex can't be friends (if it makes you feel any better):

  1. Your ex won't give you honest advice
  2. It will hurt more than make you happy
  3. You're sending out too many mixed signals
  4. You've seen each other naked (we literally can't unsee that)
  5. You will feel undesirable
  6. They broke your heart

Elite Daily lists 10 reasons with a full description of why you can't be friends. I want to be cool and open-minded and say it can work but unless something else is keeping you two friendly (a child together) then cut ties and see what the world has to offer without your past relationship interfering.


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