Ben Affleck got caught up by the meter maids this week while grabbing a Starbucks. Not only did he let his meter expire, he also let his tabs expire which he got a second ticket for!

While he was all smiles and chattin it up with the parking enforcement officer, it made me ask "How did he let his tabs expire?!" Keke thinks it's because.. he either forgot, or just didn't want to spend the money on it! Wait. You're telling me that Ben Affleck, a famous millionaire, didn't want to spend money on tabs so he just put it off then forgot?!

Then I started thinking.. what things do I avoid spending money on until the last minute? The things I knowww I'll have to eventually buy/pay for but wait as long as possible. For me it's mostly gas. I always wait until the light is on. And typically it turns on when I'm running 12 minutes late to something already, so I honestly should change that habit.

What do you wait to spend on?!


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