It goes without saying that folks in the Treasure Valley aren't going to take any crimes involving guns lightly. Which is why this story (which is still ongoing) is so perplexing to us.

Here's the details we do have so far, via a text message from Boise Police Department's spokesperson Haley Williams to the Idaho Statesman:

Police responded to the area of South 5th and West Grove streets downtown at about 1:45 a.m. Saturday after nearby officers heard at least one shot fired. Boise police quickly located evidence that a gun had been fired.

...and that's more or less the extent of what is known so far about this incident.

Numerous witnesses were interviewed, and it was mentioned that there was a suspicious vehicle that may have been involved with the shooting. Here's the sticking point: Officers located the vehicle in question, arrested three suspects in said vehicle (on unrelated charges), and a firearm was found inside the vehicle.

Obviously, we're not officers of the law or lawyers, and we understand you can't just accuse someone of a shooting because they have a gun. However, it does seem extremely coincidental that after witnesses reported a vehicle involved with a shooting there was a firearm inside that vehicle.

The good news is, no one was injured during the shooting, and there were no reports of any property damage. Either it was some hooligans going way overboard with messing around, or something more sinister was afoot.

We'll keep you posted with any further details related as this case continues.

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