I'm sure you've noticed, like I have or more to the point, my wallet has, that gas prices have gone up pretty dramatically, recently.  In fact, they've gone up on average over 50 cents in the last month from $2.49 per gallon to $2.99 per gallon.  According to the story from The Idaho Statesman, AAA lists Idaho as the 10th highest gas prices in the nation. Are we in for higher prices?  You bet! AAA is predicting more increases through Memorial weekend.  What's causing the increase? Blame it on the usual seasonal shift in prices due to increased travel as well as refineries switching to something called "the summer blend".  The only Summer blend i'm interested in, involves fruit and vodka!

There are some great resources though, to help you find the lowest prices in The Treasure Valley.  Use these, along with fuel saver cards, rewards points and old fashioned car pooling to help save some money.

Here are some resources and fuel saver tips.

Happy cheap gas hunting.

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